Message form the principal

Message from the Principal

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Eurokids website. Eurokids is the pre-school component of Royal Educare Limited (REL). At REL we take pride in providing an excellent educational experience for each learner we enroll within our various institutions. Within our Eurokids Centres we have dedicated pre-school specialist who are shaping the minds of the youngest or our students. Eurokids is present within the cities of Dhaka and Sylhet. Both Centres are headed by professional teams and they each boast a cadre of well-trained educators.

Early childhood education is a fundamental necessity for economic growth and positive change with society. The earlier our children are provided the tools required to function and make intelligent decision, the sooner they will begin to amass the knowledge required of the 21st century world.

As a parent I have had the pleasure of watching my young son grow and learn while studying at Eurokids. Being both a parent and a principal has allowed me to keep a clear perspective as a client and service provider. We remain focused on the unique needs of each family that becomes a part of the Eurokids Community, while maintaining the international standards we have set for ourselves in REL and those standards established by Eurokids International (

Please explore and make your way through the various pages available on this site. We stand ready to answer any queries you may have. You are also invited to visit the Eurokids Centre that is closest to you in order to schedule an appointment with the Counselor or Centre Head.





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