Meet The Center Head

Meet The Center Head

Message from Centre Head

As the Preschool Centre Head, I cannot express the joy that I have to be a part of the Eurokids family. This year the Preschool team consists of an international staff. Each class has a qualified teacher and supporting teaching assistants. Every employee has been carefully selected for their genuine love for children, and for their warm and caring natures.

The Preschool experience allows a child to develop at his/her own pace, with gentle guidance using a wide range of activities, learning materials, discussion, creative play, singing and projects on relevant topics of interest to each individual.

We place an emphasis on the transition from preschool to primary by providing an academic program. Our students’ bilingual education includes personal growth, social and emotional development, communication, language and literacy skills, mathematical development, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical education, and creative development.

Our preschool is a wonderful haven for children. It radiates a very warm, homely, cheerful and educational atmosphere that will nurture each individual. Special activities have been designed to stimulate a child’s visual, auditory, tactile, smelling and tasting senses and to develop fine and gross motor coordination. 2015 – 2016 brings some exciting changes and we hope all of our students have a wonderful year.

The staff at Eurokids School are professional educators committed to building a dynamic and safe learning community for all children in our care.

Learning is the main purpose of Eurokids School for both students and teachers.

The school exists to educate students to prepare them for a successful life beyond school within the community.

As well as educating students, Eurokids School equips them with the social skills needed and encourages everyone to develop strong friendships.

Our goals are that every child will:

  • Be challenged and supported to develop his/her talents and skills to his/her full potential.
  • Develop a strong sense of belonging to and ownership of our school and contribute to building a safe and welcoming community for all.

The two values that guide our work are excellence and inclusion.

  • Excellence in all that we do and expect.
  • Inclusion of all members of our school community through respect, tolerance and recognition of difference.


~ Ms.Rushina Chowdhury

Center Head / Euro Kids Sylhet

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