Here, children  will get a safe outdoors environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another.

Creative ART Room

Children express themselves imaginatively and build skills and confidence using tools and materials in this discovery area.

Painting and collage: this area has been designed to bring your child’s creative talents to the fore. It is the canvas on which your child gives expression to his imagination, putting it on paper with sketch pens, colours pencils and paints and in the process develops sharp eye hand coordination, fine motor coordination and writing readiness.

Clay art and moulding: It’s here that our belief in the touch, explore, learn and enjoy approach of learning is put into practice. Children are given clay and taught to bring their imagination tp life using the art of moulding. Further, it also helps children become more expressive, as they generally love to speak about anything they create.

Music Room

Advanced ICT LAB

Science LAB

Resource Corner