RISE Football Club

Club Name: RISE Football Club

Club President:  Adam Rahim & Touseef Rabbani Chowdhury

Responsible Teacher: Mr Khokon

RISE Football Club is a club for lovers of football. In November RISE Football Club hosted a successful football tournament with Male and Female Teachers playing as well as male and female students. We witnessed a heated yet intense set of matches with even the Principal playing. Many more events are to come please be updated.


 The Shillong Model United Nations, a city-based youth organization formed with an aim to spread awareness about the functioning of the United Nations and other international agencies, will organise a two-day Model United Nations Conference from September 24-25at St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School, Shillong.

Speaking to The Shillong Times, Keith T. Nongsteng, secretary general of Shillong MUN Conference 2016, said that the event will witness participation of over 250 students from all over the country who will academically simulate the functioning of four working institutions– the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and Lok Sabha– based on accurate procedures.

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RISE Martial Club

The Rise Martial Arts club has been ongoing for since the first semester.Our Eagles are now kitted out in their uniform,learning fantastic new skills in the art of self deference. The club is open to both boys and girls from grade-4 upwards and has especially provided the female students to the opportunity to show that Rise is producing confident,empowered woman.

RISE Cycle Club

RISE school Cycle Club program inspires the next generation of riders in RISE school. In Cycle Club, kids develop important skills to help them navigate through life. The kids who participate in Cycle Club they really enjoy all ride. In Cycle Club, kids have a chance to learn safe riding and maintenance techniques within a supportive group of peers and instructors. Cycle Club is about more than just earning a bike; participants also develop teamwork, problem solving, and leadership skills by working and learning together, the intention was (and still is!) to improve the health and sustainability.



Club President: Adam Rahim

Responsible Teacher: Mrs Shahnaj Mohammod (ICT Teacher)

Purpose of Club: RISE CYBER CLUB is the destibation for computer lovers.At cyber club we share and develop our computing skills.We help our members to succeed in our diverse and ever charging world.We will be focusing on many aspects and will soon host competitions.



*Programming, Web development, Games Competition, Video & Audio Editing, Software Development

RISE Scouts Club

‘Scouting has given me a fantastic opportunity to do lots of activities and things that people who are not in Scouts don’t get to do. It’s about having fun with good friends.’

Scouts aims to build and develop young people’s confidence, sense of adventure and outdoor skills, as well as encouraging them to explore their beliefs and attitudes and be creative.  It offers them the independence to put these skills into practice at camps and even on international trips.

Scouts are encouraged to work together and take the lead on all sorts of projects, from community based work to planning games and activities for their meetings.

The Scout Troop is the third section in the Scout Group, above Beavers and Cubs. The Scout Section is for young people aged between 10½ and 14 years.  There is core flexibility in the age range:  young people can join from age 10, and can move to Explorers between age 13½ and 14½. It may sometimes be appropriate to extend this flexibility for young people with additional needs

RISE Girls Club

Club Name: RISE Girls Club

Club President:  Shamim  Ara Begum

Responsible Teacher: Shamim  Ara Begum

Purpose of Club:  Purpose of club is to inspire girls to showcase their hidden talents. This is a platform where the girls are encouraged to participate and perform in different  activities.

Activities run by club:

  • Warm clothes distribution

  • Debate competition

  • Cultural Performance

  • Home Science

RISE Cultural Club

Club Name: RISE Cultural Club

Club President: Zivan Jalal Fiha

Responsible Teacher: Lipa  Hoque

Purpose of Club:  The RISE cultural club is to preserve and portray the cultures and art of Bangladesh. To contribute to the educational development and growth of the cultural communities, furthermore it will uplift the social heritage of Sylhet , Bangladesh among the students.

Activities run by club:  Singing, Drama, Dance, Recitation